Set up by a former executive from another bookmaker, Neds is one of Australia’s newest bookmakers. Operating in and licensed from the Northern Territory, in its short history, Neds has built up an enviable reputation, especially in the area of horse racing betting, and the company has created a number of useful tools and features for Australian punters.

Top Features at Neds include:

The Neds Bet Boost, which offers punters a simple way to increase your profits. It gives you the chance to increase the price for one of your selections each day. Choose well and you can boost your winnings with the Neds Bet Boost.

If you’re a multi-bet fan, then Neds Multi Builder is a useful tool. It provides Neds punters with a simple interface which you can use to build your multi bets. The system is easy to use and makes it straightforward to navigate through a number of betting markets with a few clicks.

Neds offer great promotion for their new customers. Neds Bonus Bets is a 100% deposit match offer that will match all deposits from new customers up to the value of $500. If you deposit $500 in your new Neds account, you will be given $500 in bonus bets, making a total of $1000 to bet with at Neds.

If you’re the kind of punter who enjoys the freedom associated with mobile betting, then the move, then the Neds mobile app is perfect. The Neds app can be downloaded to all Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded immediately after you set up a Neds account.

The Neds horse racing platform is rated as one of Australia’s top horse racing services and offers punters a number of great features including Neds’ innovative speed maps. These can be used to work out the likely running position of each horse in each race, and are also helpful when it comes to estimating the likely pace in a race.

If you make it a habit to read the latest tips before you bet, then the Neds Feature Bet product will be useful. This feature brings you top betting tips in every market. The tips are created from a number of different factors, including price fluctuations and the amount of money that is being wagered in that market. Neds racing product also offers you an in-depth racing form guide with every race, featuring detailed stats for each runner.

The Neds Sports betting platform is a state-of-the-art, punter-friendly service that provides punters with markets across a wide choice of local and international sports events. The interface is laid out to make placing multi bets and looking through the markets easy.

If you’re an In-Play punter, then Neds have a great product for you. Neds Live Betting makes it simple to make bets on sports In-play via the Neds app or website.

Multi-bet players will also appreciate the Neds Multi Builder. This feature makes it simple to make multi bets using a simple interface, taking away the hassle of clicking across different markets and pages of the site.

Neds Betting Products

Neds Bet Boost

We all like the idea of getting bigger returns when we bet. As a punter, you know that regularly maximising your staking on your best bets will offer you the best chance of making a profit in the long term, which is why the Neds Bet Boost is such a useful punter-friendly feature. With the Neds Bet Boost, you can increase your stake on any bet without risking your own cash. The Neds Bet Boost can be applied to all fixed-odd Australian racing markets, and it’s simple to find out whether you can employ it on a particular market. Just your bet to the Quick Slip or Bet Slip and if the Bet Boost is available, this will be displayed on the slip.

Neds Multi Builder

If you’re hoping to land a big prize, then putting together a multi bet is often a good way to go about it. Multi-bets have the advantage of providing a potentially big win for a relatively small stake and with the Neds Multi Builder, it’s never been easier to make your multi bets. The Neds Multi Builder makes it simple to create a multi bet of any size with just a few clicks or swipes of the screen. You will find it straightforward to make your bets in a range of sports and markets without the hassle of having to change pages.

Neds Bonus Bets Offer

Punters are always looking out for bonuses and free bets, and Neds offers a number of competitive deals and promotions. With the Neds Signup Bonus Bets, when you create a new Neds account, you will be given up to $500 in bonus bets. All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to set up a new account and put your first deposit into it. Your deposit will be matched by Neds with Neds Bonus Bets all the way up to a total value of $500, so if you put a deposit of $500 in your Neds account, you will be betting with $1000.

Neds also knows how important it is to provide bonuses for their regular customers, which is why they also have another great promotion: the Neds Bonus Bets Cash. This offer is available to all Neds customers and takes the form of bonus cash, which can be used to bet with like just like real cash, but without risking your own money. If a Bonus Cash bet is a loser, your account balance is not affected, but if it wins, Neds will pay it out as winner, excluding the original stake. To take up a bonus cash offer, all you need to is click on the Bonus Cash box on your betting slip, and you will be able to bet with Bonus Cash.

Neds also bring their customers Bonus coupons. These coupons are given to Neds punters and can be used when you bet. Coupons work in the same way as Bonus Bets Cash, but are offered to customers through pre-defined portions of a deposit match offer.

Modern punters like the convenience and ease of being able to bet on the go, and Neds have produced a high quality mobile platform to make mobile betting easy. The Neds mobile betting app has one of the best layouts of any bookmaker app in Australia. The Neds Mobile App can be downloaded onto Android and Apple devices and makes it simple to deposit, withdraw, place bets and access your account wherever you are at any time. The app also brings punters quick access to all of the exclusive Neds bonuses and to the range of Neds promotions across all racing and sports markets.

Android users should note that in order to use the Neds android app, your device has to be up to date with Android operating system 4.4 or higher. If you see a message that says ‘install blocked’ while trying to set up the Neds app, you may have to go into the security settings on your mobile device and make the appropriate adjustments so you can use the app.

Neds Mobile App uses 2048-bit secure encryption to ensure that installation and usage is safe and secure. Although gambling apps are not permitted in the Google Play Store, the Neds app has been designed with Google’s security and performance standards in mind.

Neds Horse Racing Betting

Neds is one of the newer companies in Australian betting, but they have built up a strong reputation, thanks mainly to the excellence of their horse racing platform. The Neds horse racing product is one of Australia’s best and offers the wide range and variety of markets and betting options that the modern day horse racing punter expects, along with some exclusive features, such as the Neds Bet Boost, which is applicable to any horse race.

In the dynamic sport of horse racing, it’s important for punters to stay up to date with the latest price changes and market moves, which is what makes the Neds Price Fluctuations feature so useful. All price fluctuations for each runner are shown in an easy-to-follow graph, which makes it simple to monitor racing markets from the time that they open.

The ability to work out how a race will develop is a vital part of horse racing betting, and knowing where the early speed in race will occur can give the punter a significant edge, which is why Neds Speedmaps are so handy. The Neds horse racing speed maps make it possible to predict the running position for each horse, and they can also enable you to gauge the speed that the race will be run at. There are many factors that can ultimately determine the position of each horse in a race and how fast it runs, but speed maps are a great tool for studying a race and Neds Speedmaps can bring a major boost to your betting.

If you like to check out the latest tips before you make your bet, then the Neds Featured Bet tool is perfect for you. Neds Featured Bet brings you betting tips on every market. The tips are put together from a number of important factors, such as price fluctuations and the amount of money that is being bet in a particular market. Neds Feature Bet can reveal to the punter where the clever money is going and pinpoint which horses are of most interest.

The Neds Money Tracker provides punters with an even more in-depth picture of how the markets for a horse race are changing. This is a useful racing tool that shows exactly how much money is being bet for every runner, in both the win and the place markets. At a glance, you will be able to see how much money Neds is holding on the field and for each runner, along with data on the number of bets being made and the total amount staked.

No-one should contemplate betting in a horse race until they’ve studied the form, and the Neds Form Guide is one of Australia’s most detailed horse racing resources. The Neds Form Guide brings you in-depth horse racing form for every race. You can check out the main form stats by clicking on a horse, then reading the drop-down analysis. Comprehensive lifetime form for every horse can be studied via the ‘full form’ icon, giving you all you need to bet.

Neds Sports Betting

Besides their top horse racing betting coverage, Neds is also well known for the quality and depth of their sports betting. The Neds Sports platform brings punters comprehensive coverage across a huge range of local and international sports markets. The Neds Sports betting interface is one of Australia’s best, and its clear, modern layout makes it simple for punters to find the right market and to make their bets quickly and simply.

In-Play betting is growing in popularity with Australian punters, who like to be given a range of In-Play options and choices. Neds Live In-Play Betting gives you the power to bet live on a generous selection of local and international sports, including everything from baseball to boxing. You can make your live sports bets using the Neds app or website with just a couple of clicks. To place a live bet with Neds, you have the choice of giving them a call, or clicking on the appropriate site icon to have one of the helpful Neds Live Betting team call you to take your bet. The Neds In-Play betting process is made easy thanks to a useful pop-up.

It can sometimes feel that the range of available sports betting markets is overwhelming, so Neds offer you a number of filters which will make it easy for you to focus on the betting markets you are most keen on, divided by sport and competition. The Neds Market Filters make it easy to go straight to the sports betting market you are most interested in, without the hassle of having to click through several pages of the site.

There are few more effective ways to land a big win for a small amount than with a successful multi bet, and Neds make it easy to build your multi bet thanks to the Neds Multi Builder. The Neds Multi Builder has a clear, straightforward lay-out, and using the single interface you can scroll across all upcoming events and associated betting markets.