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Turnberry strives to make cut for Derby

Turnberry strives to make cut for Derby

Newcastle trainer Kris Lees hopes Turnberry can press his claims for a trip to Queensland when the gelding has his first start at Randwick.

Another Dollar seeks revenge in Qld Oaks

Another Dollar seeks revenge in Qld Oaks

Glyn Schofield believes Another Dollar is capable of upstaging stablemate and Queensland Oaks favourite Youngstar in the Group One Classic.

Le Romain draws well for Kingsford-Smith

Le Romain draws well for Kingsford-Smith

Triple Group One winner Le Romain has received a welcome barrier as he chases more elite-level success in the Kingsford-Smith Cup at Doomben.

Guy upbeat about Protest's chances in Oaks

Guy upbeat about Protest's chances in Oaks

The Bryan and Daniel Guy training partnership likes the chances of Protest in the Queensland Oaks despite her big price.

Today's Horse Racing Form Guide

TODAY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10
Randwick (NSW) 1h 32m 2h 7m 2h 42m 3h 22m 4h 2m 4h 42m 5h 22m 5h 57m 6h 37m
Sandown-lakeside (VIC) 1h 42m 2h 17m 2h 57m 3h 37m 4h 17m 4h 57m 5h 35m 6h 12m 6h 47m
Doomben (QLD) 1h 17m 1h 53m 2h 28m 3h 7m 3h 47m 4h 27m 5h 6m 5h 44m 6h 23m
Morphettville Parks (SA) 2h 33m 3h 12m 3h 53m 4h 33m 5h 12m 5h 49m 6h 28m 7h 7m
Belmont Park (WA) 4h 21m 5h 0m 5h 38m 6h 17m 6h 55m 7h 32m 8h 7m 8h 42m
Gold Coast (QLD) 2h 11m 2h 46m 3h 26m 4h 6m 4h 45m 5h 25m 6h 1m 6h 41m
Toowoomba (QLD) 7h 12m 7h 42m 8h 17m 8h 57m 9h 37m 10h 7m 10h 37m
Moree (NSW) 3h 17m 3h 57m 4h 37m 5h 17m 5h 52m 7h 2m
Wauchope (NSW) 3h 42m 4h 22m 4h 57m 5h 37m 6h 17m
Wagga (NSW) 3h 1m 3h 41m 4h 24m 5h 8m 5h 46m 6h 19m
Gosford (NSW) 1h 46m 2h 21m 2h 53m 3h 33m 4h 13m 4h 51m 5h 30m 6h 8m
Warracknabeal (VIC) 2h 2m 2h 38m 3h 17m 3h 58m 4h 38m 5h 17m 5h 54m 6h 33m
Aramac (QLD) 3h 42m 4h 22m 4h 57m 5h 37m 6h 17m
Mt Isa (QLD) 3h 7m 3h 47m 4h 27m 5h 7m 5h 47m 6h 27m
Nanango (QLD) 3h 27m 4h 7m 4h 47m 5h 27m 6h 7m
Innisfail (QLD) 3h 27m 4h 7m 4h 47m 5h 27m 6h 7m
Thangool (QLD) 2h 52m 3h 32m 4h 12m 4h 52m 5h 32m 6h 7m
Mackay (QLD) 2h 49m 3h 29m 4h 9m 4h 48m 5h 28m 6h 4m 6h 44m
Hawker (SA) 3h 32m 4h 10m 4h 49m 5h 29m 6h 9m
Leinster (WA) 4h 57m 5h 32m 6h 12m 6h 47m 7h 22m 8h 2m
Fannie Bay (NT) 4h 30m 5h 14m 5h 52m 6h 30m 7h 2m 7h 37m
Trentham (NZ) 37m 1h 7m 1h 37m 2h 10m 2h 48m 3h 28m 4h 8m
Pukekohe Park (NZ) 22m 52m 1h 26m 2h 1m 2h 37m 3h 16m 3h 56m
Singapore (SGP) 7h 52m 8h 22m 8h 52m 9h 22m 9h 52m 10h 22m 10h 57m 11h 32m 12h 12m 12h 47m

Today's Horse Racing
Form Guide

Today's Betting Tips

Randwick (NSW)
Sandown-lakeside (VIC)
Doomben (QLD)
Morphettville Parks (SA)
Belmont Park (WA)
Gold Coast (QLD)
Toowoomba (QLD)
Moree (NSW)
Wauchope (NSW)
Wagga (NSW)
Gosford (NSW)
Warracknabeal (VIC)
Aramac (QLD)
Mt Isa (QLD)
Nanango (QLD)
Innisfail (QLD)
Thangool (QLD)
Mackay (QLD)
Hawker (SA)
Leinster (WA)
Fannie Bay (NT)
Trentham (NZ)
Pukekohe Park (NZ)
Singapore (SGP)

Feature Races

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is undoubtedly one of the greatest events on Australia’s sporting calendar. It is known as the race that stops the nation for a good reason. The afternoon of the first Tuesday each November has become an unofficial public holiday – official in some places – where every office and work site pauses so everybody can gather around a television or radio to find out if they’re holding the winning ticket. There are people who only ever bet once a year and it’s always on this race.

Golden Slipper

The Golden Slipper breaks Melbourne’s monopoly on Australia’s greatest horse races, giving one of the year’s most anticipated events to Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. The Golden Slipper is a 1,200-metre sprint for two-year-olds, with a $3.5 million prize purse that makes it the richest two-year-old race in the world.

Cox Plate

The Cox Plate is known as “the race where legends are born”. It has witnessed some of the greatest moments in Australian racing history, such as Phar Lap’s 1931 win that is still fondly remembered today. A more recent legendary moment was last year’s victory by Winx, claiming the title for the second year in the row on its way to being named the world’s greatest horse on turf by Longines. At the same recent award ceremony, Longines also ranked the Cox Plate as the best turf horse race in the world, splitting the honour with the QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes. The Cox Plate is the only Southern Hemisphere race to be part of the prestigious World Series.

Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup is a Group 1 thoroughbred race that is run every October at the Caulfield Racecourse as one of the major opening acts of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. It is one of the most prestigious races in Australia, beaten only by the Melbourne Cup. The 2,400-metre race has a prize purse of more than $3 million, which makes it the world’s richest handicap over that distance.